Skoolkampus RFID Smart Attendance is the Solution!

Heard of RFID Attendance making life simpler for Schools, Yes its true, we help save Teachers time and notify Parents about arrival and departure of their wards at Schools, and keep attendance data of upto 10 years in the School server! Leave I.T. to us.

Whatever School attendance problem you might want to solve, there’s a decent chance we’ve already tackled it in the past. Solving great number of attendance cases requires a dependable product. A simple and yet innovative feature which can save as much as 10-30 minutes of a teacher’s precious time daily which can be reserved for grooming the Stars of Future.

Great Help tool for Teachers

The app helps the Teachers in validating the attendance quickly on Teacher’s mobile phone and saves precious student teaching time

Parent Benefits

Parent also benefit from Schoolkampus app and can view below Attendance related data and reports:

  • Daily Attendance Update on School Entry/Exit
  • Monthly & Yearly Attendance %
  • Term Attendance %
  • Absent Alerts

School Benefits

School Benefits from School Bus GPS + RFID and In-campus RFID readers which help is saving tons of paper and printer cartridges every year.

Auto Attendance for Teacher’s and Parent’s

Auto attendance not just for Students but also for School staff and Parents.